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Conservatory Roof Replacement

Edwardian Conservatory Roof Replacement

If you are looking for a tiled roof on a Conservatory or the cost of replacing your glass Conservatory roof for a solid replacement Conservatory roof, then 4DExtensions roof is the company for you. We specialize in light weight replacement roofing at affordable prices.

Create a room that
you can use all year round

Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof

Whilst conservatories make a great addition to any property, bringing extra space and light, homeowners are finding that changing temperatures can make them uncomfortable to use. Too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

At 4DExtensions roofs we have range of solid conservatory roof solutions for all styles and shapes of conservatories. And using our Online tiled conservatory roof quoting system you can get your hands on the price using your own sizes and design.

Building Reg Certification To
Add Value To Your Home

What is the Icotherm system ?

A range of timber-framed light weight lean to solid roofs for replacement conservatory roofs or single-storey extensions. That fully meet UK building regulations.

What We Offer?

A complete solid replacement roof service including final certification to pass building regulations.


We offer a free design service that includes a total quote and free 3d drawings. Our quick and easy quoting system can deliver the cost of a conservatory roof replacement in minutes all with no salesmen. Solid Edwardian roofs generally are steeper than traditional 5 degree roofs and so new firrings or glass shaped frames may be needed. But our sales team will advise.


Our sub sided survey fee allows you for very little to ascertain whether your current Edwardian conservatory will pass current building regulations or what we will need to do to convert your existing conservatory to a warm room extension.

Professional Survey and
Fitting Service


Our trained and qualified fitters will arrive on site to receive your Edwardian roof and/or frame delivery and then proceed to convert your conservatory to the agreed design. They do this whilst observing all the building regulation credentials to make sure that we can certificate your warm room extension to the exacting standards

Certification & Performance

  • Structurally Approved Designs
  • Building control Compliant
  • All applications applied for and approved for you
  • Our fully certified system means that you will have building regulations for your new warm room extension with a U-value 0.16 (0.12 for Scotland if required)

Our Easy 4 step Process

  1. Get Online quote for your conservatory roof replacement
  2. Get your Existing roof surveyed
  3. Our specialist fitters will remove and replace your old conservatory roof
  4. We will fully certificate your new roof to building regulations
online EDWARDIAN SOLID ROOF quotation

Fill in your Requirements below to get your EDWARDIAN SOLID ROOF Quotation :

Enter WIDTH in mm (across the house) min 2500, max 5500
Enter PROJECTION in mm (away from the house) min 2500, max 6000
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This price will be sent by email when you request your Quote and Free 3D Drawings.